The Global K-12 Student Information System Market is presently worth USD 47551.75 million and is poised to amplify at a CAGR of 17.25% over 2022-2030, thereby amassing a valuation of USD 82932.51 million by end of the assessment timeline.

Any modern K–12 school needs a strong Student Information System (SIS) to operate at peak efficiency and deliver the best outcomes for students. K-12 SIS software systems aid administrators in streamlining communication within the institution as schools manage mountains of data and face increasing demands for transparency and accessibility.

These products are essential resources for primary and secondary schools since they automate and handle several everyday chores that were previously carried out manually by school workers.

All student information that teachers and/or administrators need to manage their classrooms or administer their schools is stored and tracked by a K–12 student information system (SIS). These platforms keep track of data including grades and attendance history.

Students get access to information that is relevant to them through many K–12 SISs. One feature that sets these tools apart from SIS used in higher education is that parents frequently have access to K-12 SISs. Many K–12 student information systems contain an SMS feature that enables direct communication between instructors and parents.

This enables a teacher to inform the parent on their child's social and academic development in class. A learning management system (LMS) and a classroom management tool can often be integrated with a K–12 SIS.

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 K–12 Student Information Systems: Who Uses Them?

Students –

Students regularly access a SIS platform to gain updates on information such as their grades and attendance. Students may simply contact teachers to ask questions or request assistance thanks to built-in messaging features on SIS websites and mobile apps. The platforms might be used by some students to print transcripts or obtain data for college applications.

Family — Parents commonly visit SIS portals to monitor their children's academic progress, similar to how students do. Parent portals or mobile apps that show student grades, attendance, and conduct data are typically available to parents. Additionally, they might be in charge of the student's extracurricular activities, tuition, meal plan, health, and special education records.

Teachers: The most often used software tools in a teacher's average day are probably SIS systems. SIS platforms are used by teachers to record behaviour issues, take attendance, enter grades, message students or parents, and manage special education documents. Teachers can use reporting features to review assessment results and make adjustments to their lessons to better suit the requirements of their students. Communication with parents and students can be made better with the use of messaging features.

Key Advantages of Student Information Systems for K–12

  • facilitates departmental sharing of student information
  • allows for improved communication between managers, educators, parents, and kids
  • enables schools to more accurately evaluate kids
  • automates reporting on important measures of school performance

K–12 Student Information Systems: Who Uses Them?

Global K-12 Student Information System Market- Key trends

Enhanced consumer satisfaction and educational excellence will help the market growth

By giving parents, teachers, students, and the authorities a platform for effective communication, SIS helps institutions to raise the standard of education. The system keeps track of a student's information, course subscriptions, and results. To maximise their return on investment, many institutions are customising their administrative infrastructure systems. SIS and LMS are so favoured over ERP solutions due of their affordability, simplicity, and accessibility.

Global K-12 Student Information System Market- Segmental assessment

By type

  • Cloud -based
  • On-premise
  • Others

By technology

  • K-12
  • Pre-K

k-12 segment hold the largest market share, and is expected to grow in the upcoming years.

Global K-12 Student Information System Market- Competitive landscape

The prominent companies defining the competitive terrain of this marketplace are Skyward, PowerSchool, Illuminate Education, Moment Â, Harris School Solutions, Infinite Campus, Tyler Technologies, IGradePlus, and Cheqdin.

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